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New CRM record sliding form is finally here!
The New Lead form consists of the same default fields as an old version had. The only required field is still the lead name, which means it is enough to fill this field to be able to create a new lead. Scroll down to add client's details like name, status, amount, etc.:

Scroll down to find date of birth, position, company name, email & phone, etc.: 

The Add Field tab located below the details block allows to add custom fields of the following types: text, number, yes\no, date\time, money, link, address on Google Maps, list. To access more field types please go to CRM > Settings > Custom Fields

Below you'll find More section, use Change option to open list of other fields, including existing custom fields:

After the new lead form is saved, you'll see all options available for this record. Statuses panel is located above, click on any status to set it for the lead. 

Switch between lead sections to access more options:

Go to Products section to add new products to the lead or select products from the product catalog:

All products added to the lead will be automatically reflected under General > Products section:

Go to Quotes section to add a new quote for this lead. All quotes associated with this CRM record will be shown under this section.

Switch to Automation section to add Automation Rules & Triggers to the lead statuses: 

Navigate to Workflows to Run a new business process. Please make sure you've created workflow templates before from CRM > Settings > Automation > Business Processes:

All changes made to the CRM record are recorded under it's History section:


The General section is visually divided into 2 sections: Lead Information & Stream.

If you've added phone number, email address and messenger to the Lead Information form, then Call, Email & Message tabs will become active in the left top area of the lead page. Click on it to make a new call, send message or email:

The Activities line include: comments, wait rule, call, sms, email, task & meeting.

Add comment & click Send:

Wait rule is a new automation rule created in order to leave comments or instructions for either inactive leads when any activity is detected from their side or for new leads in 1 day from the date they have been added:

The Call planner tool allows to plan the call taking into account user's availability (time scheduler widget) & add call details:

Configure sms provider & send sms to your clients. Twilio integration is available. 

Send email message: add message subject, text, attach files & send it away:

Add Tasks to the lead in a few clicks: a full task from is available:

Plan a Meeting - add location, subject, description & set the meeting time, taking into account user's availability (time scheduler widget):

Complete or postpone activities right from the Stream:

Remember you can always Copy lead, Reset form settings (to default) or Save or Reset form preferences for all users via Settings option:

When the lead is processed, convert it to deal, contact, company or combination of those: 

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