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Repeat leads


Now working with repeat leads in Bitrix24 is much easier! CRM recognizes the customer, creates a new lead and adds to it all necessary information automatically. 

How it works

Suppose you have a new customer. The managers process the lead and create a new deal and contact. The deal is successfully closed, and the customer is happy with the purchase. 

After a while, the customer wants to buy something else and contacts the buyer. Bitrix24 determines it as a repeat sale and creates a new lead with a link to the customer's contact.

Thus, a message or a call from a previously completed lead will create a new lead, but already marked as "repeat". This way you can make interesting offers to the customer and thank them for their loyalty.

Repeat leads work on all communication channels - calls, emails, CRM web forms and open channels.

A repeat lead will not be created if the active lead or deal is connected with the contact. A new message or call will be added to the current element. 

Bitrix24 creates repeat leads by default. You can go to CRM - Settings - Other and disable this option.


Get regular customers and increase loyalty with repeat leads in Bitrix24!

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