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Bitrix24 Summer Sale - Time to Save Big

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Summer time is all about vacations, sandy beaches and ice-cold cocktails. August also happens to be a great month to upgrade your Bitrix24 accounts and save big. Because come September, its back to work and work is much more enjoyable when you have Bitrix24 Plus, Standard or Professional on your side.

When upgrading your free Bitrix24 account to any commercial plan between August 1 and August 31, you can save anywhere between 12% and 36% off, depending on the selected subscription period. As usual, the longer your subscription, the bigger the savings, so a two-year plan is the best. Heres the detailed breakdown:
  • All 6-Month Plans  12%  Off (maximum savings $143)
  • All 12-Month Plans  24% Off (maximum savings $573)
  • All 24-Month Plans  36% Off (maximum savings $1719)
Do keep in mind that this deal is only available to NEW commercial users and cannot be extended beyond the original period. So, if you pick a 6-month subscription, you will save 12% off, but after the original six months youll be charged full price. Again, another reason to pick 12 or 24-month subscriptions instead.

You are probably aware that Bitrix24 is also available on-premise with unrestricted source code access, which makes it fully customizable. So, if you were planning on purchasing our self-hosted editions or wanted to migrate from cloud to your own server, doing so before August 31 saves you a lot too. The discounted prices break down as follows: 
  • Bitrix24.CRM Edition  12% Off
  • Business Edition  12% Off
  • Enterprise Edition  24% Off 

Importantly, you can get the same discounted cloud or on-premise pricing when purchasing from your local Bitrix24 partner. Partners are able to provide setup, customization and training services, as well as issue invoices in local currencies.

Hurry, the deal ends on August 31. Make your order today so that you can get back to sandy beaches, exotic locations and cold drinks. 

Terms and conditions

This special offer is valid from August 1, 2018 to August 31, 2018 for accounts created in all domain zones (except PL, RU, UA, KZ, BY). Please note that this offer DOES NOT extend to Bitrix24 accounts already on paid plans. Bitrix24 Summer Sale cannot be combined with other discounts or special offers (except for partner discounts), neither can it be extended beyond the original subscription period purchased with this discount. All future subscription renewals will be billed at regular price. If you have any questions, please contact your local Bitrix24 partner or send us an email at
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