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Every Bitrix24 user has an account in Bitrix24.Network. This global network allows you to communicate with users of different Bitrix24 accounts.

First steps in Bitrix24.Network

  1. Go to

    If you already have a Bitrix24 account, it means you have a Bitrix24.Network Profile as well. If you are new to Bitrix24 - register for free.

    You can always access your Bitrix24.Network Profile from your Bitrix24 account:

  2. After registration (authorization), you need to configure your Bitrix24 Network privacy settings:
  3. You can connect your social networks accounts to Bitrix24.Network:
  4. Click Edit profile to add information about you.

    Fill out the form and click Save.

    You can upload your profile photo by clicking Upload.

  5. You can access your Bitrix24 accounts from Bitrix24.Network page via My Bitrix24 menu. Here you'll see the list of your accounts - click on the name and account will open in a new window. Also, you can create a new Bitrix24 account in this menu:
  6. You can change interface language either before (top right corner languages tab) or after authorization (left bottom languages tab) to Bitrix24 Network.
  7. You don't need to spend money on your own business card - it is already created inside Bitrix24.Network and can be attached to an email or simply sent to the client. Just copy the link at the bottom left corner and send it to your client.

    Make sure you've configured the privacy settings the way you need, so that your clients, business partners and others could view this card. Here is what they'll see:

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