Migration to Bitrix24 On-Premise

    From September 1, 2023, we stop accepting requests to migrate from Bitrix24 Cloud to Bitrix24 On-Premise version. The service has become technically complicated. It is no longer possible to provide full functionality of the product when migrating.

    Currently, we are processing the migration requests sent before September 1, 2023. We will provide cloud account backups until October 1, 2023.

If you need a higher level of customization, corporate branding or integration with other enterprise software, your Bitrix24 Account can be migrated from the Cloud to your on-premise server and deployed using the Bitrix24 Self-Hosted license.

Backing-up your Cloud project and migrating it to the Self-hosted version is free of charge and can be performed only once for 1 Cloud account/1 commercial license key of Self-hosted version. All the following backups can be purchased for $549.00 each.

Migration is technically possible if your account database does not exceed 30 GB. To learn the size of your database and other additional information, contact the Bitrix24 Support team.

After submitting a ticket to our Support and confirming that you want to migrate from the Cloud to On-Premise version, support specialists will backup your Cloud account.

Important: you should specify the date when we should initiate the data backup procedure. The process of backing-up your Cloud files and elements may take 1-5 days, no changes made during these 1-5 days will be included in your Cloud account backup.

Backing-up process may take more time if you have rented numbers on your account. It is possible to transfer these rented numbers from Cloud to On-Premise version, but it's a complicated task, so it backing-up process takes more time than usual. Also, you need to send a separate request to support to transfer your rented numbers after getting your backup and deploying it.

Here is a list of requirements for migration from Cloud to On-Premise version:

  1. One cloud account can be migrated only once, so please read the migration terms carefully before you start creating a backup. Multiple cloud accounts cannot be migrated to a single On-Premise account.

  2. A backup copy in the Cloud is stored for 7 days. After that period it will be deleted.
  3. You need to have a commercial license key (for Bitrix24 On-Premise) with an active subscription for technical support and product updates. Your key should be activated and registered in advance. You can verify your license key on our site.

    If the window with detailed license information will not appear, it means that your key is not activated.

  4. The number of active users for this key must not be less than the number of users in your Bitrix24 Cloud account.

    You can check the number of your Bitrix24 Cloud account users in Subscription section.


    Extranet and invited users are also counted as active users. Dismissed employees are not counted as active users.

  5. We strongly recommend that you use our Virtual Appliance as a product environment for your Self-Hosted product installation. In case you use a custom product environment, we cannot guarantee a successful outcome of Cloud-to-Self-hosted version migration of your Bitrix24 account.

  6. Before restoring, make sure that there is more disk space available on the server than the size of the cloud account copy with the database and files. Read how to increase drive space in a "VMBitrix Virtual Appliance" in a special course.

  7. The following components of your Bitrix24 Cloud account will be backed-up: database, public files and bitrix kernel files. It means that all backed-up elements will be restored to an empty directory and database in your Self-hosted product copy.

  8. Your Bitrix24 Cloud account backup will consist of files and elements previously backed-up during the [last] night. Any changes made in your Bitrix24 after this date will not be included in the backup. As a matter of fact, you should specify the date when we should initiate the project backup procedure. Important: the process of backing-up your Cloud files and elements may take 1-3 days, no changes made during these 1-3 days will be included in your backup.

  9. The edition of the Self-Hosted version of Bitrix24 that you are migrating your Bitrix24 Cloud account to may not contain all the tools and features originally available in the Cloud version. As a result, some data may not be transferred to your Self-hosted product copy (please compare the Self-hosted editions or consult our sales staff -

  10. There may be problems with http connection as Bitrix24 Virtual Appliance uses a self-signed certificate.

  11. Apps installed from Bitrix24 Marketplace are not transferred.

  12. If you would like to transfer your rented numbers / SIP-connector from cloud to On-Premise, please specify it in your request to Technical Support before the migration starts as there may be some limitations for such transfer.

  13. Telephony transfer is made only after completed migration of your cloud account, before the Telephony transfer you will need to integrate a trusted SSL certificate first.

  14. Technical requirements for telephony in the Cloud and On-Premise version will be different.

  15. Sites24, Online Store and CRM-forms will need to be republished to connect to a new domain and a new license key. You need to republish the Cloud version of the site on another domain (Bitrix subdomain). Then you can publish Site, Online Store or CRM-form in Bitrix24 On-Premise on the vacant domain.

  16. In Bitrix24 On-Premise, outgoing mail is connected at the server level. Therefore, you will need to set up your own mail server for all outgoing mail, involving system administrators and programmers.

Required actions after migration Bitrix24 from Cloud to On-Premise version

  1. Users passwords are not stored in the backup. Therefore, users should use the password recovery form or reset their passwords manually.

  2. If the access to the account is denied during employee authorization, run the Corporate Account Setup Wizard through the administrative panel: Settings > Product Settings > List of Wizards.

  3. The database in the backup is created without a search index. Therefore, you will need to do a full reindexing for search to work.

  4. Install all product updates.

  5. Update the public address of the site in the settings of the modules Connectors for external messengers (imconnector), Open lines (imopenlines), Bitrix24 chatbots (imbot).

  6. Reconnect external communication channels previously connected in the cloud.

  7. Push and Pull module should also be configured.

  8. Sites, Online Store, CRM-forms should be republished after the migration, otherwise they will not work in the Bitrix24 On-Premise version. To do this, you need to publish the cloud version of the site on another domain (Bitrix subdomain), and then you will be able to publish the site or online store in the Bitrix24 On-Premise version on the vacant domain. The same instruction works for the CRM-form.

  9. Set up the outgoing mail to your own mail server.

If you have any questions about migration from Cloud to On-Premise version, please submit a ticket to our Support. If you are ready to migrate, please contact Support and provide the following information:

  1. Your Bitrix24 Self-hosted license key (the number of allowed users must not be less than the number of users you currently have in your Bitrix24 Cloud).
  2. Bitrix24 Cloud account name (URL, e.g.
  3. Bitrix24 Cloud main administrator login and password (you will be able to change the password after the backup is completed).
  4. The date when we should initiate the data backup procedure (the date when you're planning to stop using the Cloud version. You will still be able to access your Bitrix24 Cloud account, but remember that changes made after this date won't be backed-up).
    The final migration date will be told you by our specialist and may differ from the date you've selected as preferable. If the migration process is complicated in your case, or there is a long queue of migration requests, the final date may differ from preferable.
  5. Confirmation that you know about migration conditions and requirements and agree with them. You can send a link to this article as a confirmation.

If Сloud account is migrated to On-Premise Copy

If you migrate your Bitrix24 cloud account to an On-Premise product copy, the unused days (months) of your cloud commercial subscription will be converted and added to your On-Premise maintenance subscription period.

Example of a migration request:

Good afternoon. Please, migrate Cloud version to On-Premise.
  1. On-Premise license key: XXX-XX-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  2. Bitrix24 address:
  3. Authorization data of the account creator:
  4. login:


  5. Preferable date of migration: 01.12.2021
  6. You have read the terms of the transfer from the article and agree with them.
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