Switch CRM mode

There are two ways you can work in Bitrix24 CRM - with or without leads.

Read more about CRM modes in the article - CRM modes (simple and classic).

You can switch between these modes at any time.

How it works

By default, Simple CRM mode is used (without leads).

To switch CRM mode, click the cogwheel button and select CRM mode.

Choose the way you want to work with your CRM.

You can configure Deal creation mode.

By default, Bitrix24 creates a deal and a contact for each inquiry. Also, you can specify whether Bitrix24 needs to create companies and select a pipeline for new deals to be added to.

What happens to leads when switching CRM modes

If you work in Classic CRM mode and decide to switch to Simple CRM, all leads will be converted to deals and contacts.

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