Standard Reports in the Tasks

Bitrix24 has the ready-to-use set of reports. These standard reports can be used to track your employees' performance, their involvement in projects, etc.

You can find these reports in the Tasks section > Reports.

Involvement in projects

This report shows how many tasks an employee has in each project, and how much time was spent on these tasks. Use the filter to select projects that will be added to the report.

Tasks this month

This report shows a list of tasks that need to be completed this month. The report includes tasks that are in progress, pending, completed, deferred and overdue. Also, this report shows when the task was created and competed, task deadline, start date and priority.

Efficiency Report

Use this report to evaluate the efficiency of each employee for the specified period. The report shows the number of new tasks, tasks in progress and completed tasks, as well as fields for evaluating the efficiency of your employees:

  • Overdue - the percentage of overdue tasks from the total number of tasks in progress.
  • Evaluation - the percentage of tasks with a score from the total number of tasks in progress.
  • Efficiency - the percentage of tasks with a positive score from the total number of tasks in progress.

Tasks for last month

This report shows the number of tasks for the last month and all information about these tasks (Name, Responsible person, Priority, Status, Time spent, Score).

Use the filter to view tasks with different statuses.

Task resource tracking

This report shows the list of tasks done within a project, department or the whole company for the reporting period and the time spent.

Employee resource tracking

Use this report to view how long it took for each employee to complete tasks with enabled time tracking option. The report can be broken down by projects.

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