Recurring deals

Who needs recurring deals in CRM? - Any business that uses a subscription or retainer model instead of one-off sales. Once you select the interval that's appropriate for your business, a new deal will be automatically created when it’s time to talk to your clients about renewal.

Check if recurring deals are available on your plan. You can find all the information about Bitrix24 plans on the pricing page.

How it works

When adding a new deal, scroll down to the Recurring deal section. Select how often do you want this deal to be repeated.

If you want to repeat a deal Only once, specify when do you want to repeat it.

If you want to repeat a deal Regularly, specify the repeat interval.

In case you've set the repeat interval, you can also configure:

  • end date (specify the end date when to stop adding new deals).
  • maximum number of iterations (new deals won't be created anymore after the maximum of iterations is reached).

Save changes, and the recurring deal will be created.

You can view the recurring deal templates list by clicking the cogwheel button > Recurring deal templates.

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