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How to add new users to Bitrix24

To add new users to your Bitrix24 account, click the Invite users button in the Activity Stream.

By default, only administrators can invite new users. If you want other users to be able to do that, click Settings > enable the Allow everyone to invite new users to this Bitrix24 account.

Select one of the options:

Quick registration

Quick registration is the easiest way to add new users. You just copy a special link and send it to people you want to add to your Bitrix24.

A person clicks this link and joins your Bitrix24.

Additional settings

Registration type:
  • Public - new users will be able to register in your Bitrix24 account and access it without admin's approval. New user notifications will be displayed in the Activity stream and General chat.

  • Moderated - new users will be able to register in your Bitrix24 account and access it after admin's approval.

Don't require confirmation for domains - new users will be able to register in your Bitrix24 account and access it without admin's approval if their email address matches specified email domain.

Specify Registration greeting text that users will see on the registration page.

Invite using SMS

You can add new employees using SMS. Click Invite using SMS and specify phone numbers of future employees.

The message text cannot be edited.

These phone numbers will be automatically added to the Employees > Invited section.

A user will get SMS with a registration link.

After registration, this user is added to the Employees section.

This user will need to use the specified phone number to log in to the Bitrix24 account.

Invite using e-mail

You can invite users by sending an email with a registration link.

Also, you can select a department and workgroups that the new user will be added to.

Message text can be edited only by Bitrix24 CRM+, Project+, Standard and Professional plan subscribers.


You can register a new user yourself.

Specify the employee's email address, first name, last name and his/her position.

An email message will be sent to the specified email address with a randomly generated password. This email address will be used as a login. A new employee will need to log in to Bitrix24 account using these credentials.

If you disable the Without confirmation option, the employee will get an email with a link to the registration form. He/she will need to create a password himself/herself.

The registered employee will be added to the Employees list and to the Company structure, not to the Invited list.

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