New features in Bitrix24 Mobile app

We've updated Bitrix24 Mobile app and are ready to introduce new features.

Chats design

Chats design has been updated. Hope you will like it!

New features list

  • Message history is loaded automatically - no need to tap load earlier messages button;
  • No messages in the last 30 days sign has been removed;
  • If you have more than 20 unread messages, new messages are loaded while reading these unread messages;
  • Messages will be marked as read when you open a chat and only those that are displayed on the screen, no need to scroll down to the last message;
  • If you are reviewing message history and get a new message to this chat, chat won't be scrolled down to a new message. You'll see a new messages counter instead.
  • Messages are loaded automatically later if you've got a connection error (no cellular service);
  • Profile photos are not shown next to the messages in one-on-one chats, as it's obvious who are you chatting with =)
  • In group chats, users names are shown above their messages. Profile photos are shown next to the messages;
  • To save your device's energy, video and audio files are automatically hidden in chats if they are not displayed on the screen;
  • You can view users who liked a message by tapping the "Likes" counter;
  • One-on-one chats has separate buttons for video and audio calls;
  • We've added "Add a user" button to group chats;
  • In one-on-one chat, you can view the user's profile by tapping his name at the top of the chat;
  • You can attach any file from iCloud (.pdf, .doc, .mp3, etc.);
  • You can mark a message as unread in a chat by holding your finger on this message and selecting the corresponding option in the menu;
  • You can hold your finger on the message and create a task or start a discussion in the Activity Stream;
  • Autoplay option for videos that don't exceed 5 Mb (can be enabled/disabled in the Settings section).

Background color

You can change the background color by tapping the Menu button at the bottom right corner > tap the button with three dots at the top right corner > Settings > Chats > Background color. Make sure to activate the Use new chat (beta) option before selecting a background color.

You have 5 options to choose from: Light, Lime, Pink, Cream and Dark.

Quick quote (iOS only)

Just swipe the message from right to left and the quote will be added to your message automatically.

Audio messages

You can record and send audio messages in Bitrix24 Mobile app.

You can send short audio messages by holding the "microphone" button at the bottom right corner. Release your finger from this button when you're done, and the recorded message will be sent.

To record long audio messages, hold your finger on the "microphone" button, swipe it to the "lock" button. Record an audio message and tap the "stop" button when you're done. Before sending this message, you can listen to it or delete it.

If there are several audio messages in the chat, after you finish listening to one audio message, the next one will be played automatically.

Also, you can listen to any .mp3 file sent in a chat.

Please note that the new chat is disabled by default. To enable it, tap the Menu button > tap the button with three dots at the top right corner > Settings > Chats > Use new chat (beta).

New settings menu and bottom menu

The Settings button is available at the top right corner. Also, you can Switch account there.

You can also configure the Bottom menu. Select one of the presets or configure the bottom menu the way you need it.

Context menu

To access a context menu, hold your finger on a message.

Invite users via SMS

You can invite users to your Bitrix24 by tapping Employees > +. Select people you want to add to your Bitrix24 from your contacts.

How to install

Bitrix24 Mobile app is free. You can download it here: GooglePlay or AppStore.

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