How to work with the main menu

Bitrix24 main menu allows you to access the main tools in one click. By default, the main menu is presented in a compact view.

To expand the menu, just move the cursor to the menu button.

You can switch between full and compact menu modes by clicking the menu button.

Change primary tool

The order of menu items depends on the tool which was selected as the primary one. You can change the primary tool by clicking Configure menu > Change primary tool.

Select the primary tool, and all the menu items related to this tool will be located at the top of the main menu.

All the other menu items will be hidden under More button. You can drag'n'drop any menu item.

Only a Bitrix24 administrator can create a common menu for all employees. Read more in the article.


To view all the tools available in your Bitrix24, click the Sitemap button.

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