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Important! Using custom HTML code in Bitrix24 Sites is available to commercial plans subscribers only


We've noticed too many cases of fraud and phishing among Bitrix24 Sites users. It negatively affects all Bitrix24 users, as search engines start blocking sites created with Bitrix24 Sites.

Due to this fact, we've decided to limit the use of custom HTML codes in Bitrix24 Sites.

Using custom HTML code in Bitrix24 Sites (in webpage settings and in the "HTML code" block) is available to commercial plans subscribers only!

Upgrade to commercial plan

What will happen to already published websites?

If you already have a commercial plan subscription, don't worry, nothing will happen to your websites.

If you have a free plan:

  • If you have a published website with an existing "HTML code" block, it'll keep on functioning normally. You need to upgrade to Bitrix24 commercial plan to add a new "HTML code" block.

  • If you have custom HTML code in the existing website's settings and republish it, the website will stop functioning. Also, you won't be able to use custom HTML codes when creating new websites.
These changes and limitations are not applicable to custom CSS.

New Bitrix24 Free plan accounts won't have an option to use custom HTML codes (including Demo mode).

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