Review of low-code tools in Bitrix24

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So, what are low-code and no-code tools?

These are the tools used for automation and creation of ready-made solutions that do not require coding in traditional programming languages. In other words, this is what you call “development without REST API”.

Review of low-code tools in Bitrix24

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There are a bunch of tools like that in Bitrix24: business processes, rules and triggers in CRM, and smart process automation.

In fact, you can import a whole industry-specific solution or a part of it into Bitrix24: for example, CRM settings, SMART scripts, or website templates inside Bitrix24.Sites.

Another thing worth noting is that all these SMART process scenarios, industry-specific CRMs, and even website templates can be easily published as ready-made solutions in Bitrix24.Market. And, No coding is required whatsoever!

Now, let’s take a closer look at these low-code tools.