Different ways to use REST API

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There are two main ways you can develop for Bitrix24.

Different ways to use REST API

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The first one is when you develop a one-off, standalone solution for a particular Bitrix24 account.

If this is your case, then you should create local integrations. You already got your Bitrix24 account - basically, all you have to do is create and execute REST API requests. Just make sure your subscription plan includes access to REST API.

The second way you can use our REST API is to develop mass-market apps and publish them to Bitrix24.Market.

Apps on Bitrix24.Market are available to a wide audience of thousands of Bitrix24 users who might benefit from installing such apps.

However, in order to develop and release your own apps, you need to become an official partner of Bitrix24.

We’ll cover this topic in more detail in our upcoming lessons.