Mass-market review

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The key difference between a one-off, standalone solution and a mass-market app is that the latter can be used by a large number of Bitrix24 accounts simultaneously. Due to this fact, mass-market apps obviously cannot use simple webhooks, which we mentioned in our previous lessons.

Mass-market apps

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For mass-market apps and solutions, it is important to understand how the authorization protocol OAuth 2.0 works. Plus, you need to become an official Bitrix24 technological partner and get access to the developer tools.

Only using those, you can create and publish apps and solutions for Bitrix24 users. It could be data migration apps, integrations with payment systems, telephony providers, SMS providers, as well as various solutions that enhance the performance and functionality of Bitrix24.

Useful to know

In the samples of code that we provide here, we’re gonna continue using PHP and our simple SDK CRest to request REST API methods. Experienced developers are welcome to use other SDKs for various programming languages.

Links to some of them are provided below.

Each of the code samples we provide features the following files:

  1. index.php - contains the main logic and app interface
  2. install.php - contains the app installer (if required)
  3. handler.php - contains the REST event handler manager (if required)
  4. crest.php, settings.php and checkserver.php - all three from SDK Crest
  5. /font and /css folders - these are used in the samples that feature user interface