Smart scripts

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Smart Scripts serve as a versatile automation tool, leveraging the same CRM automation rules to streamline operations beyond funnels - particularly interactions with contacts and companies.

Allow us to demonstrate how to create a Smart Script that will enable end users to promptly send SMS messages to a designated group of customers.

Smart scripts

4 min

We'll begin by navigating to the Contact List and locating the "Extensions" button, where we will find the "Smart Scripts" option in the drop-down menu. This feature is accessible in lists, as well as the detail pages of leads, deals, contacts, and companies.

New script

To create a new script, simply select the option to "Create script."

Next, you'll be prompted to provide a name for the script, which will appear as a menu item under the "Extensions" button. It is recommended to provide a brief, yet descriptive summary of what the script does and how it functions.

Moving on, we'll switch to the "Automation Rules" tab to outline the logic of our script. Here, we have access to any CRM automation rule, and should the standard options prove insufficient, additional ones can be found in the Bitrix24.Market solution store. To initiate our script, we will utilize the automation rule for sending SMS messages and activate the "Ask before launch" option for ease of use for the end user.

Additionally, if our task necessitates a more complex sequence of actions, other automation rules can be incorporated as well.

Script settings

Proceeding to the script settings, we find that the "Ask before launch" option has been added, as we had enabled it in the SMS automation rule.


Considering that other portal users will be utilizing the script, it is important to provide clear and concise instructions in the script settings to ensure they understand how to modify the message if necessary.

To aid in this, we will include a default message, incorporating the standard CRM variables, such as the contact's name.

Script running

With our script saved, we can now run it by selecting a few contacts and choosing our Smart Script from the menu. Here, we have the option to edit the text of the messages being sent or simply run the script as is.

Script export and import

The completed Smart Script can easily be transferred to another Bitrix24 portal or published as a pre-made solution in the Bitrix24.Market.

To export the script, return to the "Scripts" item in the drop-down menu and select the "Export" button, initiating the process. All scripts in the list will be exported to an archive, which can then be uploaded to another Bitrix24 portal using the "Import" button.

This same archive can also be utilized to publish the finished solution in the Bitrix24.Market store, all without a need for programming!