Website templates

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It's not uncommon to need to create new sites in Bitrix24 for various purposes, like selling a new product or showcasing details about a new service. Sometimes, there's a need to copy or transfer a site from one Bitrix24 to another.

In this lesson, we'll show you how to quickly turn any site into a template.

Website templates

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We've got a ready-made webinar announcement site here, which works great for me as the site owner. It's got all the necessary blocks and fields for content. Let's say we'll be hosting similar webinars in the future, it'd be really handy for me to quickly create a similar site for the next webinar, with minimal content edits.

Site export

So, we go back to the list of sites, and from the drop-down menu of available actions, select "Export". We run the process and get an archive with the site, which we can transfer to another Bitrix24 or even publish it in the Bitrix24.Market solution store.

Site import

Let's download the archive and try creating a new site based on the same template. To do this, we click the gear button and select "Import Site".

We just attach the archive and presto! We've got a brand new, fully ready-made site, which we can use with minimal content edits.