Technology partnership

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To become a technology partner and list your solutions on Bitrix24.Market, simply visit the developer's area site as specified in the accompanying materials.

Technology partnership

1 min

Provide your name and contact information for authentication and future communication.

It is crucial to choose an appropriate partner code, as it will serve as a prefix when generating codes for your solutions.

For instance, if you view an application page in the Market for Quickbooks integration, created by the Bitrix24 Integrations department, you will observe the symbolic code of the application, "integrations24," in the address bar of your browser.

Consider a similar code for your future solutions and input it on the form.

Agree to the privacy policy terms and click "Become a Partner."

Subsequently, you will be logged into your developer account and can promptly change your password for continued use of the developer's area.

Congratulations, you are now a Bitrix Technology Partner and ready to begin creating applications for publication in Bitrix24.Market.


Lesson materials:

  • Developer's area visit
  • Bitrix24.Market for developers visit