Application with its own page in the left menu

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Most applications in Bitrix24 boast a user interface that can be conveniently accessed via a simple click on the left menu. As such, when one adds an application in the Developer area, it is generated with default configurations.

Application with its own page in the left menu

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To create a new application, simply press the "New Application" button and select the primary region for the solution's eventual publication. Within the solution form, press the "Create" button and select the "Use REST API" option.

It is important to note the "Add custom page and menu item" feature. If checked, it will add a menu item to the left menu that opens a slider with the application interface upon clicking.

The application interface is generated by the URL specified in the "Application URL" field and is displayed within a frame in the slider.

The name for the left menu item is specified in the solution's description and should be completed in the basic language of the region in which the application will be published, with English being the default for the World-wide region. To edit the form with descriptions in English, simply ensure that the "Application name in menu" is the desired name.

After downloading the example from the tutorial and uploading it to your server, copy the values from the "client_id" and "client_secret" fields and paste them into the appropriate constants in the "settings.php" file.

Accessibility from an external network

It is critical to verify that the URL of the uploaded example is accessible from the external network and free of localhost or self-signed SSL certificates.

Upon returning to the developer area, you can install the application in your Bitrix24 for testing before publishing on Bitrix24.Market.

Simply specify your Bitrix24 administrator address and click "Install." This will redirect you to the portal and open the application installation interface.

Once installed, Bitrix24 will automatically open the application, and you can confirm that the specified left menu item is present.

In cases where the app requires multiple left menu items for ease of navigation, the widget embedding mechanism can be utilized for added convenience, a topic to be discussed in further detail in a subsequent lesson.


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