How to publish an application

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Once you've thoroughly tested and refined your application, it's time to publish it on Bitrix24.Market.

How to publish an application

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Familiarize yourself with the platform's guidelines and content requirements, accessible via the solution and version forms. Depending on the nature of your app, you may find links to relevant regulatory documents. Additionally, if your app incorporates specific scenarios, there may be additional guidelines to consider.

Take care to choose the most fitting categories for your application and craft a set of tags that will assist customers in locating your app within the Bitrix24.Market marketplace. The tags should be both brief and comprehensible to your target audience.

Next, complete the solution form, which includes the parameters and content that will be displayed on the Bitrix24.Market storefront.

Be sure to provide a description of your app in the default language for the region in which you plan to publish.

The app name should either reflect a recognizable brand or be descriptive, while the short description should succinctly summarize the app's key benefit.

The full description serves as your selling tool and should therefore be well-crafted and accompanied by eye-catching illustrations. Detailed examples and case studies can help convey the business benefits of using your app.

Keywords can be included to optimize search engine results and reach your target audience.

In the installation description, emphasize any features that may prove challenging for users during the setup process. If your app integrates with any other products or services, include links to registration or access information.

Clearly outline the terms of your technical and consulting customer support, including support hours and all contact information. Avoid relying on a single communication channel, as technical issues may render it inaccessible.

Make sure to upload an aesthetically pleasing and high-quality icon, as well as screenshots that showcase the app and entice potential users.

Finally, link to your end user agreement and privacy policy, which are critical components of your relationship with users.

Now, you must specify the terms under which your app will be distributed in the "Pricing Policy" block. The available options for your pricing policy will vary based on the region of publication. In all regions, you can publish free applications for integration with external services, such as telephony, SMS providers, and payment systems.


In certain regions, it is possible to publish paid solutions through a Bitrix24.Market Plus subscription.

Once you have selected and saved your pricing policy, proceed to the sales settings. Even if you are publishing a free integration, you must make several configurations and agree to the terms of app placement on Bitrix24.Market.

Indicate the name of your company, which will be displayed to users on the app page and ensure that the necessary publication type options are selected.

Then, fill in the information about the copyright owner by clicking the "Create" button, selecting the legal form of ownership, and providing the required details. After saving this information, agreements will be generated based on whether you are publishing a free or paid app. If the document is an electronic offer, you can agree to it immediately. Documents requiring EDS signatures will be sent to you via the electronic document management system of your choice. You can monitor the status of these agreements in the "Sales Settings" section of the Developer area.

When all agreements have been signed, you can submit your solution for moderation by clicking the "Submit for Moderation" button in the app list. The moderation process will verify that the app information has been fully filled out and that all necessary documents have been completed. If any discrepancies are found, you will receive a corresponding message. If your submission is successful, your app will be reviewed.

Carefully read the manual on the verification process, as it highlights important nuances that moderators will consider. The more thoroughly you test your app and adhere to the simple requirements, the sooner it will be available in the Bitrix24.Market storefront.

You may communicate with moderators through a dedicated chat in the Developer area for any organizational questions, and they will assist you. For technical questions, refer to the documentation.


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