Sales Intelligence

Sales Intelligence helps to evaluate which marketing channel works the best and worths money spent.

Five CRM tools

The modern CRM is not just working with leads and deals, but it's a set of tools. Here's a list of such tools available in Bitrix24:

  • Contact Center - first of all, you need to contact your potential customers. In Bitrix24, all the available communication channels are grouped in the Contact Center section. All the information obtained during communication with potential clients is automatically added to CRM.
  • CRM - in the CRM section, you can continue communication with your clients, add new deals, create invoices, etc. All the information about clients and the communication history is stored in this section.
  • Marketing - finding new clients is a complicated task for any business, and it's important to work with your customer base. In the Marketing section, you can divide your customer base into segments and start different marketing campaigns for each segment.
  • CRM Analytics - use reports to find weak points in your company's sales processes.CRM Analytics evaluates the efficiency of managers and shows on which deal stage you lose your clients.

There is the fifth element that evaluates the efficiency of marketing channels - the Sales Intelligence.

What is Sales Intelligence?

It's hard to imagine a company that doesn't spend money on advertising. Some companies spend money on billboards, others promote themselves on social media. Anyway, it's vital to know which marketing channel is more effective and makes you more money.

Sales Intelligence calculates how much money has been spent on each lead source, and how much money you've made out of these leads.

Sales Intelligence main features:

  • Helps you understand how much money is spent on attracting one customer.
  • You can add the information about the efficiency of each marketing channel to one report.
  • Helps you to administrate the marketing budget.
  • You can view the full client path.

How to configure the Sales Intelligence in Bitrix24?

Sales Intelligence needs to be configured on both sides. For example, you need to configure Sales Intelligence in Bitrix24 and on Facebook.