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Sales Boost

Check if sales boost is available on your plan. You can find all the information about Bitrix24 plans on the pricing page.

Finding new clients is a complicated task for any business and it's important to work with your customer base. Bitrix24 gives you a tool that helps you to increase sales to existing customers - Sales Boost.

How it works

Sales boost creates repeat leads and deals automatically.

For example, there is a music school that has guitar, drums and singing lessons.This music school is organizing masterclass with a world famous guitarist Dave Mustaine. So, the goal is to sell tickets to this event to all guitar students.

We have generated deal + contact for each student and added custom "Lesson" field to a deal form in this example.

Now it's time to use Sales Boost. Go to CRM Marketing > Repeat deals.

First of all, create a new segment.

You need guitar students, so use the filter and choose Guitar in Lesson field.

Save this segment, specify the New Deal Name and responsibles queue in Assign to: field. You can also tick Use only employees who have clocked in and not on break option.

Add the assignment description. This assignment will be displayed as a comment in a deal form.

Click Save and start the Sales Boost.

Done! Bitrix24 will create repeat deals with a comment for the responsible person.

Go to CRM Marketing > Sales Boost to check Sales boost status.
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