Bitrix24 Mail limitations

Mailbox integration option is available only to commercial plans subscribers. Read more on the Cloud pricing page.

Bitrix24 email storage features

  • Email messages and attachments connected to tasks are not deleted from Bitrix24
  • Activities are created from email messages connected to CRM. Activities contain message history and attachments. After a certain period of time (depends on your plan, see below), email message connected to CRM are not shown in the Webmail section.

    You can always access a copy of an email message in CRM > Activities section.

  • Emails not connected to tasks will be stored in Bitrix24 for a limited time (depends on your plan, see below) and then will be deleted.
  • Emails are deleted only from your Bitrix24.Mail, you can still access them on your webmail server.
  • If your free 15-day trial expires or if you downgrade from commercial plan to Free plan, webmail synchronization is disabled. All email messages not connected to tasks are deleted.

Limits for plans

  1. The number of connected mailboxes per employee:
    • Basic: 1;
    • Standard: 5;
    • Professional: 10;
    • Enterprise : 10;
    • Free trial: 10.
  2. The number of shared mailboxes per account:
    • Basic: unlimited;
    • Standard: unlimited;
    • Professional: unlimited;
    • Free trial: 3.
    To make a mailbox shared, configure access permissions to this mailbox. Read more in the article - Mailbox integration.
  3. New emails not connected to tasks or emails connected to CRM will be stored in Bitrix24 for a limited time (counting from the date of receive). After that they won't be shown in the Webmail section.
    • Basic: 7 days;
    • Standard: 30 days;
    • Professional: 90 days;
    • Free trial: 30 days.
  4. When connecting a new email address, you will be able to fetch data for:
    • Basic: 7 days;
    • Standard: 30 days;
    • Professional: 90 days;
    • Free trial: 30 days.
  5. The number of outgoing emails per month (emails from CRM, CRM marketing, workflows, automation rules, etc.):
    • Free: -
    • Basic: 10 000;
    • Standard: 50 000;
    • Professional: 100 000;
    • Free trial: - .
Read all the information about current Bitrix24 plans on the pricing page or in comparative table .
  • Email messages not connected to tasks are deleted from Bitrix24 only, not from your email server.
  • If the mailbox owner deletes an email message in Bitrix24, it's also deleted from your email server (gets to the Recycle Bin).
  • When deleting tasks, emails connected to them will be deleted from Bitrix24 as well (including attachments).
  • Mailboxes connected using Send&Save technology will work as usual.
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