Work schedules

Add work schedules to regulate and control the employees' working hours. This feature allows you to set clock-in/out times, weekly workdays, and break timings and durations.

    Suppose you are the owner of a restaurant. You can use this tool to optimize your staff schedule to match customer flow. Allocate more workers on Fridays, when there are a lot of visitors, and fewer on Mondays, when attendance is low.

    This strategy effectively distributes workload and enhances customer service during peak hours. Also, reducing staff during low attendance periods helps to minimize costs and optimize efficiency.

Check if the Work schedules option is available on your plan. Learn more on the pricing page.

How to configure work schedules

Navigate to Company on the main left menu > open the Time and reports tab > select Work schedules. Then click Add schedule at the top right corner.

Select the type of work schedules in Bitrix24: fixed, flexible, and shifts. Then specify the working hours, reporting period, and other settings.

For more information about work schedule settings, refer to these articles: Work schedule types and Work time control and restrictions.

After you save the settings, the new schedule will appear in the list on this page.

    Depending on your company's workflow, you can create different work schedules. For example, a company that produces furniture may use the following schedules:

  • Fixed work schedule: The employees that are involved in the production work on a fixed schedule, from 8 am to 5 pm every day. It benefits both employees and the company with set working hours and a known workshop schedule.

  • Shifts work schedule: Since the support service operates 24/7, its employees work day or night shifts. This ensures that there is always someone available to assist customers with any questions or issues.

  • Flexible work schedule: The creative department is responsible for generating new ideas for furniture. Its employees follow a flexible schedule, and this allows for a flexible approach to work and promotes creativity.

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