FAQ: Company and employees

This article contains answers to the most frequently asked questions about the company and employees.

How to invite users to the account?

Go to the Company section and click the Invite users button. You can also do this in the upper right menu in the Invite section.

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How can I send an invitation to an employee one more time?

Go to the Company - Employees - Invited persons.

Use the Invite again option in the action menu for users who did not accept the invitation.

How many users can I invite to the account?

On the free plan, you can invite an unlimited number of users. On the commercial plan, there are limits.

Such tools as Tasks and Projects, Calendar, Drive, Telephony, and Workflows can only be used by users with access to Bitrix24 business tools.

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Does the number of extranet users affect the limit of employees?

Extranet users are counted as users with access to Bitrix24 business tools. Their number depends on the Bitrix24 plan.

Learn more information on the pricing page.

How do I know the number of employees in my Bitrix24? Is there a limit on the number of employees?

You can invite an unlimited number of users, but the number of users who will have access to the business tools depends on your plan. You can see a list of all employees in the Employees section.

How to change the administrator?

To make another employee an administrator, you should go to the user's profile and select the Assign admin permissions option.

Please note that the number of administrators depends on your plan.
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How can I delete an employee?

You cannot delete an employee, because the person has assigned tasks and important data, for example, in the CRM.

You can use the Dismiss option. The employee will not have access to the account, but will remain in the Dismissed users list.

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Can an employee be in more than one department at once?

Yes, he/she can. Select an employee, press Shift, and move him/her to the desired department.

How can I assign two heads of the same department?

Only one department head can be assigned.

How can I see all the administrators?

In the list of employees, you can use the filter by the Administrator field.

What is Company Pulse?

The company pulse visually shows the involvement of employees in their work and allows you to compare your activity with the activity of other employees and the entire company.

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How to add a left menu item for all employees at once?

Only the administrator can do this. Select Configure menu - Configure menu items - Set my menu for everyone.

How to add a new company to the structure?

This feature is available only on the maximum plan of the Bitrix24 On-Premise version.

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