Invite new users to Bitrix24

To add new users to your Bitrix24, click the Invite button in the upper right corner.

You can enable the Allow everyone to invite new users to this Bitrix24 account option in the Settings in the left menu.

Next, select the option to add an employee.

Invite via link

Invitation via link is the easiest way to add employees. Just copy the registration link and send it to the person.

When the person follows the link, he/she can sign in.

If you want a private registration, enable the Request administrator approval to join option. In this case, the administrator will confirm the addition of each new user.

Additional settings

If necessary, you can disable the quick registration option. To do this, click on the switch.

To add an employee without confirmation, specify the email address of the new user in the Don't require confirmation for domains field.

Invite via email or phone number

You can register a new user by phone number or email. Enter the required information and click Invite.

The data will go to the Employees page in the Invited list.

Messages will be sent to these addresses with a link to register.

After registration, the user is added to the Employees section.

For further authorization in Bitrix24 in the login field, you must enter the phone number you specified at the invitation.

Bulk invitation

You can invite a large number of employees at once. To do this, enter the phone numbers or email addresses in the form separated by commas.

Invite to department or workgroup

New employees can be invited with a link to a certain department or a workgroup.

Click Add and select the desired department/workgroup.

Only the administrator can invite an employee to any department of the company.

Enter user's email or phone number and click Invite.

Add new user

You can register a new employee on your Bitrix24. Specify the e-mail address, first name and last name of the new employee, as well as the position in the company.

An invitation will be sent to the specified email. The employee will need to click on the link, make up a password and you start working.

If you enable the Without confirmation option, the user will be included to the list of employees and company structure.

Invite extranet user

You can invite an extranet user to your Bitrix24 account without adding him or her to your employees to discuss current project issues, collaborate on shared documents, or schedule calendar activity.

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Invite Bitrix24 partner

Bitrix24 partner is a special user who will help you customize Bitrix24 to work processes of your company: configure CRM, open channels, document management, telephony, reports and other tools.

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