Dismiss users

If you dismiss a user, he/she won't be able to log in to your Bitrix24 account and your company's data will be safe.

When you dismiss an employee, he/she is not completely deleted from your Bitrix24 account. You will be able to delegate his/her tasks, activities in CRM and save files from his/her drive.

How to dismiss an employee?

Only administrators can dismiss employees.

Open the employee profile page > click the Actions button > Dismiss.

You can also dismiss employees by clicking the actions button next to the employee name in the Employees section > Employees tab.

When you dismiss a user, it may be important to assign a new responsible person for user's tasks, files, calendar events or CRM records. Here is how to take care of the dismissed user's data:

  • Files: open user's My Drive, move all files & folder to one general folder & share it with other users.
  • Tasks: open Tasks list, select tasks & apply group action to them: e.g. for ongoing tasks (where dismissed user is responsible) - assign the responsible person, for set by me - change creator, for following - add an observer, etc. 
  • Calendar: you can add this user's calendar to favorites.
  • CRM: open CRM records list (e.g. leads), filter all leads by responsible user = dismissed user, select all records & apply group action - Assign responsible person. Important: please make sure you have CRM Access Permissions configured so that you have full access to all records of the dismissed user.

How to hire back the dismissed employee?

To hire back dismissed employees, use the Dismissed persons filter in the Employees tab. Then select the employee > click the actions button > Hire.

This user will be able to log in to the Bitrix24 account using his/her credentials used before being dismissed.

Important: if there is no Dismissed persons option in filters, you need to enable Show dismissed employees option in your Bitrix24 Settings.

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