CRM Store (beta)

CRM Store is an online sales tool that allows you to accept payments from your customers straight in your CRM.

What is CRM Store

Companies are being forced to close their offline stores, and online stores are often too complicated to make a quick purchase and need lots of configuration. What to do? There is a mind-blowing solution - CRM Store. Here are the main advantages of the CRM Store:

  • Simplicity - all you need to do is to send an SMS message to a customer. The customer follows the link and pays the order.
  • Fast - it takes your manager a couple of minutes to generate an order link, send it to a client, and accept the order payment. Every step is saved to the deal timeline.
  • Customer loyalty - even if the offline store is closed, you can still chat with a client. The client values your availability and effort and becomes a loyal customer.

Before using the CRM Store, make sure to: