Timeline in CRM entity form

The Things to do block contains information about the activity creation time, the deadline, and the time the activity was completed. You can also listen to the call recording, see the start and the end time of the call.

As soon as you create an activity, it will appear in the timeline and will be marked in yellow. You can change the deadline, leave a note, and finish the activity by clicking the Completed button.

There is the system information about activity that cannot be changed even if you change the activity itself. Such entries are marked in gray.

If there are several activities in the timeline, the activity that needs to be completed first will be at the top of it.

Overdue and planned activities for today will be highlighted with a red counter.

The notifications appear in the timeline 15 minutes before the deadline and at the time of the deadline. The deal goes up to the top of the kanban or the list.

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