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Activities view in deals and leads

We have added a new option for viewing and sorting deals and leads - the Activities view. Deals and leads are automatically distributed to stages depending on the deadline for activities within an entity.

You can plan new activities up to the specified limits: 50,000 for all plans and 100,000 for the Enterprise plan. If the limit is exceeded, the counters will be blocked. To keep using this tool, complete or delete any unnecessary activities.
CRM Activities

If the deadline for an activity is next week, the deal will be in the Next week column. Thus, the view allows you to understand what work should be done today or during the week.

The Activities view consists of six columns:

  • Overdue
  • Today
  • This week
  • Next week
  • Without activities
  • Over two weeks

This view is not editable. You cannot delete columns, create new ones, or swap them.

Create a deal in the Activity view

There are two ways to add a deal:

  • Click the Create button - only the deal will appear in the column.

  • Click the + button in the column - the deal and the activity will be created.

Add a deal using the Create button. The new deal will appear in the Without activities column.

If you add an activity, the deal will move to the column according to the activity deadline.

The column selection depends on the the deadline, but also on the type of the activity:

  • The Incoming activity - a deal in the Today column. To remove it from the Today column, close the incoming activity.

  • The Planned activity - the column is determined by the activity deadline. If there are several planned activities, the deadline of the one that should be completed faster is taken into account.

  • If a deal has an incoming activity and a planned one, the incoming activity will have priority. The deal will be placed in the Today column.

  • The overdue activity is the highest priority. If you miss a deadline for an activity in any column, the deal will go to the Overdue column.

Add a deal using the + button in the column. You can create a deal with an activity that is already filled in.

Smart activities

It works in all columns except the Without activities and Overdue columns.

For example, your company is in the business of repairing appliances. A customer has given his smartphone for diagnostics and repair. When you work in Kanban or List view, you first need to create a lead, and then add an activity that reminds the customer to call you. In Activities view, you can do this in one click. Create a lead in the Today column. CRM system will automatically add the activity with a deadline - the end of the working day.

What is the deadline set for the activity, when dragging a deal to other columns

  • You cannot drag and drop into the Overdue and Without activities columns.

  • Dragging and dropping into the other columns will create an activity in the deal, provided that there are no activities with a deadline. The deadline in the created activity will be set according to the column name.

  • If a dragged deal has a planned activity, the deadline in it will be changed according to the column name.

  • If there are several planned activities in a dragged deal, only the one with the closest deadline will be changed according to the column name.

In brief:

  • There is Activities view mode in CRM. The stages depend on the activity deadline in the CRM entity.

  • The Activities view consists of six columns: overdue, today, this week, next week, without activities, and over two weeks.

  • The columns cannot be deleted or swapped. You cannot create new columns.

  • There are two ways to add a CRM entity: click the Create button - only the item will appear in the column; or click + in the desired column - the item and the activity will be created.

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