CRM + Online Store

CRM + Online Store is a new tool for e-commerce. It is suitable for small companies that promote goods through messengers and social networks.

Online Store features

The Online Store is adapted for mobile devices. The product catalog is an endless feed, like in messengers.

You can create a store in a couple of minutes without any website development experience.

In the process of creating a store, you will place a test order and see how the store looks on the client's mobile device.

The customer can choose whether to pay for the order on the site or wait for the call to discuss the details.

The new store is great for working without orders. You accept payment, send orders, and communicate with the customer in the deal card.

In the deal card, you will see what products the customer has looked at. This information will help you offer products that may be interesting to the customer.

These articles will help you to create and run a CRM + Online Store: