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Payment system integrations in Bitrix24

We understand that payment preferences can vary from country to country. However, we are committed to making it as convenient as possible for your customers to pay you.

There are multiple ways to utilize payment systems in Bitrix24, and the use cases remain consistent across the options. Our integration apps allow you to connect your merchant accounts and seamlessly integrate them into the standard payment options provided by Bitrix24.

Here is a list of some of the payment system apps available for integration with Bitrix24. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list:

We strive to keep this list up-to-date, but we encourage you to check our Market for the most current selection which includes solutions from our partners. To learn how to install these apps on your Bitrix24 account, please refer to our informative article.

Account Types, Verification, and Modes

Every payment processing service has its own guidelines for suitable account types and verification procedures when working with external systems. These guidelines are subject to change, so we recommend referring to the official documentation provided by your chosen processor.

Typically, you will need a verified business account to receive customer payments. The required credentials can be as simple as an email address, but in many cases, you will need a pair of secret keys from your admin account dashboard. The specific requirements vary depending on the processor's API configuration.

Most apps also offer a sandbox environment where you can test payments before going live. We highly recommend taking advantage of this feature to ensure that everything is functioning perfectly and your customers have the best possible experience.

Use cases

Using payment processors in Bitrix24 is consistent across all apps. This is a non-exhaustive list of scenarios you might be interested in

Data protection and privacy

Our payment apps prioritize the security and privacy of your customers' financial data. We do not store or access any of their sensitive information. Instead, all data transferred to payment processors is encrypted and securely stored on their end.

In order to ensure a smooth payment process and keep you informed about its status, we do need to extract and transfer certain transaction-related details. 

These include:

  • A unique transaction ID
  • Information indicating which payment method (credit card, Paypal, etc.) was used
  • Specific data related to the selected payment type (such as credit card details)
  • The payment amount and currency
  • The current payment status

Rest assured that each integration app we offer fully complies with all relevant national laws and adheres to the strict security measures implemented by trusted payment processors. Your customers' data is in safe hands.

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