Payment system integrations in Bitrix24

Bitrix24 team acknowledges that the preferred payment systems vary from country to country. However, we are putting in the effort to make it most convenient for your customers to pay you.
There are various ways to use the Payment systems in Bitrix24, and the use cases are the same across the selection.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of Bitrix24 Integrations payment system apps:

We're doing our best to keep the list current, but we encourage you to check our Market for the most up-to-date selection that includes our partners' solutions.

Learn how to install the apps on your Bitrix24 account in our article.

Accounts, credentials, modes

Each payment processing service has guidelines regarding suitable account types and verification procedures to operate with external systems and are subject to change. Therefore, please refer to the official documentation of your processor of choice.

Usually, you will need to have a verified business account to receive customer payments.

Sets of required credentials may be as simple as an email address, but you will often need to get a pair of secret keys from your admin account dashboard. It varies from processor to processor.

The apps often allow you to test the payments in a sandbox environment before going live. We strongly suggest doing that to make sure everything is 100% operational and your customers get the best experience.

Use cases

The use of the payment processors in Bitrix24 is the same all across the apps.
The examples below are based on Stripe but apply to all other systems to the same extent.

Receive e-invoice payments

Let your clients pay off the regular invoices using online payment options.

To do that, first, get an invoice link:
And send it to a client:
The customer will see the payment options and could select the most convenient one:
After entering the required information, a client proceeds with the payment:
If everything goes well, the customer will see a success notification:

Receive Online Store payments

The payment process in Bitrix24 online stores works the same way.

A client can select one of the payment processors when shopping at your online store:

Receive payments from Deals

This is a very convenient and straightforward way to receive payments right from your CRM:
A customer receives a payment link via SMS:
After selecting a preferred payment option, a customer proceeds with the payment the same way as was shown above:

Chat-enabled sales

As a Bitrix24 user, you've probably connected all of the relevant open channels to your account.
What can be more simple than letting your customers pay using payment links while chatting with them? Online payment options play a crucial role in this.

Start selling at any point of contact:
Select or create products on the fly:
The customer follows the link:
And proceeds with the payment process:

CRM + Online Store

Not always will you need a complex online store with multiple pages and many features.
A simple one-page online store adapted to mobile devices might be just right to get you started, especially it's so easy in Bitrix24.

A customer browses through your products and finds a suitable item:
Adds it to cart or proceeds to checkout:
Then he/she enters basic contact information and proceeds with ordering the product:
After the order is successfully placed, the customer starts the payment process:
Depending on the payment processors configured on your account, a customer will see a list of options at the checkout:

Hopefully, you're not too overwhelmed by the available ways to offer your clients to pay you!
Configure the options your audience is most likely to use and optimize the selection of the payment processors according to the regions where you sell to offer your clients choice and convenience.

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