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Braintree Integration app

Braintree is a full-stack payments platform that makes it easy to accept payments in your Bitrix24. You can install the Braintree Integration app from Bitrix24.Market to accept payments via Braintree. To do so, just follow these simple steps.

The service is available for merchants in the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong SAR China, Malaysia, and New Zealand. In legal terms, you have to be domiciled in a supported region to use Braintree, however your customers may make payment from all over the globe. Feel free to check this page for more details. 

You can try the integration out in the sandbox environment by creating the Braintree sandbox (test mode account). However, to accept live payments from your customers via Braintree, you would need to apply for the production account by filling out the KYC form as presented below. Kindly note that KYC form may be subject to change due to internal compliance procedures

Braintree KYC form

Filling out the following form is required to apply for a production account.

  Apply for a production account I.jpeg 
Apply for a production account II.jpeg
Apply for a production account III.jpeg
Apply for a production account IV.jpeg
Apply for a production account V.jpeg

Sign up for the sandbox and get API keys
Configure Braintree integration

If you already have a registered production account, you may skip this step. We do however recommend to use sandbox environment as a testing one to get acquainted with the integration app and to ensure that payment scenarios provided by the integration are suitable for the needs of your business

Go to the Braintree Sandbox website and complete the application form for the sandbox > click Try the sandbox when ready.

Sign up for the sandbox.jpeg

Once the form is submitted, you'll see a success page and the verification link will be sent to the email address you had specified in the form.

Sandbox form sent.jpeg

Kindly note that sandbox accounts are designed to test the integration prior to using it. One cannot process live payments with the same set of API keys. To do so, you would need to apply for the Braintree production account first.

Next step: check your inbox for the email from Braintree. Click unto the Complete Sandbox Signup button.

Complete Sandbox Signup.jpeg

Specify your preferred username and password > click Log In to complete sandbox signup procedure. If you are a PayPal customer, you might also consider signing up with your PayPal credentials following the corresponding guide (under Learn more button).

Create Sandbox Account.jpeg

Log into your newly created sandbox with your credentials when ready.

Log into Sandbox.jpeg

Once you are in, you'll be see the Home page and will be able to access your Merchant ID, Public Key and Private Key by scrolling down. You'll need them to set up the integration app later on.

Braintree sandbox keys.jpeg

The last OAuth key you would need is your Merchant Account ID. You may access it by clicking unto the cogwheel button in the upper right corner at Home page and selecting the Business section.

Business section.jpeg

You will find your Merchant Account ID at the bottom of the section.

Merchant Account ID (Braintree).jpeg

To sum up, you'll need to copy the Merchant ID, Merchant Account ID, Public Key and Private Key to configure the Braintree Integration.

Once you have access to all of the four API keys, go to the Braintree Integration app (accessible from the left menu and the Market section) > paste the Merchant ID, Merchant Account ID, Public Key and Private Key to the corresponding fields and select the Transaction processing mode (Live for production transactions, Test for sandbox demo transactions) and click Save to apply changes.

Braintree system settings.jpeg

Done! The Braintree Integration is successfully configured and is ready for use. Feel free to check our article on payment system integrations in Bitrix24 to find out some more details on payment scenarios you could use.

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