Change the first administrator

The first administrator is the person who created your Bitrix24 account. The first administrator receives Bitrix24 system emails, for example, about plan extensions, news about webinars, promotions, etc.

How to find the first administrator

Each user you add to the account is assigned an ID. The first administrator has ID = 1.

Open the Company section - Employees page and use employee's ID to find an administrator.

If the first administrator leaves the company, his/her rights are transferred to another user.

Bitrix24 support does not grant admin permissions to employees, only the current administrator can do this. Therefore, first you should assign a new administrator, and then dismiss the first administrator.

The rules for changing the first administrator depend on your plan:

  • You can change the first administrator only on the commercial plan.

  • If you have a Free plan, go to any commercial one. Then, if necessary, you can return to the Free plan.

  • On the Basic plan, select the employee to whom you want to grant administrator rights, go to his/her profile and click Assign administrator permissions.

  • If you have Standard, Professional or Enterprise plan, you can assign the second administrator, who can be the first administrator in the future.
  • Next, on behalf of any valid administrator, contact the Bitrix24 support. You can find it in the Bitrix24 help widget.

    Read more information in the article: How to contact Bitrix24 Support.

    In the message, specify the information about the second administrator, to whom you want to assign the rights.

    Note: only official Bitrix24 support has a name and a "24" icon in blue. This description will help you to distinguish the chat with official Bitrix24 support from others. Please, be careful.

    After giving the rights, you can remove the rights from the first administrator and dismiss the employee.

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