Change the first administrator

Bitrix24 account creator (a user who has registered your Bitrix24 account) is considered the first administrator and account owner. The first administrator gets the system email notifications (for example, the subscription has been prolonged, information about webinars, promotional emails, etc.).

If you need to dismiss the first administrator, you need to:

  1. Assign the second administrator who will become the main administrator after dismissing the first administrator.

    If you use the Free plan, you need to upgrade to a commercial plan.

    You can read more about assigning administrators in the article - Give user administrator rights.

  2. On behalf of an administrator, contact Bitrix24 Support. Click the Help widget icon > click Ask question.

    Read more about contacting Bitrix24 Support in the article - Bitrix24 Support.

    Important: the official Bitrix24 Support chat has a blue icon with a "24" sign on it. This will help you to see the difference between the official Bitrix24 Support chat and other chats.
  3. Add the information about the second administrator to the message in the Bitrix24 Support chat. After you send the message, it'll be processed by the Bitrix24 Support Team specialists, and the second administrator will become the first administrator.
  4. After changing the first administrator, you can dismiss him/her.
You can change the first administrator only once.

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