Individual performance report in CRM Analytics

The Individual performance report helps you to rank your sales managers by the amount of won deals. Use the information form this report to evaluate the work results of each manager.

How it works

Click CRM Analytics > Employee performance > Individual performance.

First, select the reporting period. All deals closed within the reporting period will be added to the report regardless of the deal creation date.

Read more in the article - Reporting period in CRM.

Hover your mouse over one of the columns to view an employee's statistics on deals.

In the Employees' contribution table, you can view the following information:

  • Employee - all the sales managers having deals are displayed in this column;
  • Deals in progress - amount of deals won or lost by an employee;
  • Total won amount - total amount of deals won by an employee;
  • Average won deal amount - average amount of a deal won within the reporting period;
  • Conversion - the percentage of won deals.

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