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CRM Analytics limits

CRM Analytics allows building a wide variety of reports: sales funnels, employee performance reports, sales trends report, etc.

Read more in the article - CRM Analytics.

CRM Analytics reports data can be filtered by any field, you can compare different reporting periods data, track the sales process from the new lead stage to the closed deal stage. All these processes create a large burden on servers and affect performance.

Due to this reason, we have to limit the number of elements in each report.

For example, you're a Professional plan subscriber, so you can build the With Conversions Sales Funnel in the CRM Analytics only if there are less than 100'000 leads and deals.

Learn more about limits for your plan - Cloud pricing.

What to do if I have hit the limit?

You can delete outdated elements. For example, delete deals that were closed more than a year ago. To do that, click CRM > Deals > filter deals by the end date.

Select such deals and delete them.

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