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Tasks in Bitrix24 Mobile app

In Bitrix24 Mobile app you can perform all the same actions on tasks as in web version. Open the Tasks section to view the tasks list as a to-do list.

Tap the task to view more information:

  • Checklist
  • Task status
  • Priority
  • Score
  • Roles (responsible person, task creator, participants and observers)

How to create a task

To create a new task, tap the + button at the bottom right corner or start entering the task name to the New task field.

After creating a task, you can slide it to the left and set a deadline, assign this task, start or delete the task. Or you can open the task and tap the grey arrow at the top to access the full menu.

How to filter tasks

Tap All tasks to filter tasks list by role. Red counters show how many tasks require your attention.

How to perform tasks search

Use the search bar to find tasks.

How to sort tasks

You can sort tasks by next parameters: Created on, Deadline or use My sorting (i.e., without sorting, all new tasks are at the top of the list). Tap the button at the top right corner > select Sort order > select Sort field.

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