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Task is a tool for organizing company work. With its help, employees plan their work and managers can see the efficiency of the projects.

To create a task, click the New Task button.

You can create tasks not only in the Tasks section. Just click + button next to the Tasks menu item.

Specify the name of the task. It will allow you to quickly navigate among the large number of tasks. In the task description, describe what should be done.

Activate the High Priority option at the top right corner to make a responsible person understand that this task is important and should be completed as soon as possible.

You can add a checklist. Task checklist is a type of "to-do list", which helps to ensure consistency and completeness in carrying out a task.

You can specify a task deadline by entering it manually or selecting a date in the calendar. Also, you can use the time planning option and select when to start the task, task duration or when to finish the task.

Click the Options button next to the Time planning button to allow a responsible person to change the deadline, skip weekends and holidays, approve task when completed, etc.

Roles in tasks

There are four roles in tasks: Responsible person, Creator, Participants and Observers.

  • Responsible person - a person who will work on a task and will be responsible for its implementation.
  • Created by - a person who has created the task. Also, this user confirms that the task is finished.
  • Participants - users that can help the Responsible person to finish the task if it's needed. They can perform the same actions as the responsible person.
  • Observers - users that can observe the work on the task, leave comments, get notifications, but can't participate in the work on this task.
If you have been added to a task as an observer, you will automatically be set to Silent mode. In this mode, you will not receive notifications on the task, and the counter of live comments will be grayed out.
Read more in the article Work of ping messages in Tasks.

How to set a task on behalf of another employee

If you are an administrator, just choose the employee as the responsible person.

If an employee creates a task, he/she can choose another creator, but in such a task he/she will always be a responsible person.

Additional task settings

Click More to configure additional settings.

Here you can:

A task linked with a CRM element can be found in the Activity section of the CRM element card and in the Activities section of CRM.

Also, you can add custom fields and tags.

Then just click Add task to create a new task.

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