Group actions with tasks

Sometimes you need to apply an action to a group of tasks (or all tasks). That comes in handy if you create a lot of tasks for other employees.

Go to Tasks and Projects section and select tasks by ticking them in the list.

Scroll down to the group action tab. Click Select action to see the list of available actions.

  • Ping
  • Complete
  • Set deadline
  • Move deadline forward or backward
  • Disable check upon completion
  • Change responsible person or creator
  • Add observer or participant
  • Mute or unmute
  • Add to favorites or remove from favorites
  • Set group (project)
  • Delete
Deleted tasks go to the Recycle bin first. They are stored there for 30 days. Read more in the article - Tasks Recycle Bin.

Select the action you need, specify the additional parameters, and click Apply.

Then click Continue to proceed or cancel the action.

To apply an action to all tasks selected by the filter, tick For all option.

Note that the action will be applied to all the selected tasks, including tasks on other pages and their subtasks.

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