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Delete several CRM elements or tasks at once

Due to Bitrix24 plans' update, the search function will be updated as well. You will be able to search through the number of elements specified in your plan description. This applies to CRM and tasks. For example, if you are a free plan user, you can search through 5'000 tasks. If you have more than 5'000 tasks, you will be able to use default filters and filters you've created earlier and won't be able to search by word or part of the word.

Read more about Search function in new Bitrix24 plans.

Read more about new Bitrix24 plans.

If you have more tasks or CRM elements than specified in your current plan description, you need to upgrade your Bitrix24 plan or delete old CRM elements or tasks to keep on using the search function.

To delete several elements at once, use group actions.

How to do it?

Since CRM elements and tasks are deleted in the same way, let's consider deleting tasks as an example.

Switch to the List view. Select tasks you want to delete > click Select Action > Delete > Apply.

How to find and delete no longer needed elements?

Switch to the List view. Filter elements that are no longer needed. For example, let's delete all closed leads.

If you exceed the limit, you can use only default filters and filters you've created earlier.

Use the All closed filter.

Select all closed leads and delete them.

How to delete the dismissed employee's tasks?

Only administrators can delete the dismissed employee's tasks.

You can lessen the number of elements by deleting the dismissed employee's tasks.

Open the dismissed employee profile page > click Tasks and switch to the List view.

Select no longer needed tasks and delete them.

I've deleted default filters. What to do?

If you've deleted all the default filters, enable the Free 30-Day Trial. Then you can search through CRM elements and tasks and delete those that are no longer needed.

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