Free 15-Day Trial

We recommend that you activate your free 15-day demo mode and take advantage of all the features that Bitrix24 offers. The free 15-day demo provides access to the tools available in the Professional subscription plan. Any user can activate 15-day trial.

15 days are counted continuously when you activate trial. If you deactivate trial in 10 days or if you buy a subscription, you will not be able to use the demo mode after leaving. You cannot use the other 5 days later after your subscription ends.

When your 15-day trial is finished, you can select the most suitable plan for you.

Access to technical support specialists requires commercial plan subscription and is not available to 15-days trial users.

Limitations of the 15-day trial

  • The Bitrix24 Cloud Storage is limited to 50Gb.
  • In the online store, you can add only 100 products.
  • You cannot rename the domain.
  • You cannot restore backup copies.
  • You cannot renew email domain for free.
  • An administrator cannot deactivate OTP.
  • You cannot transfer email domain.
  • You cannot upload your own logo.
  • You cannot change the domain zone.
  • Bitrix24.Vacation subscription option is not included (your account can be deleted after 30-40 days of inactivity).
  • You cannot remove "Powered by Bitrix24" on all items.
  • Email campaigns in CRM Marketing are not available.
  • You cannot switch to your domain.
  • IP restrictions are not available.
  • In Bitrix24 Sites, custom HTML and JS are not available.
  • Only 1 site is available for publication.
  • You cannot use public links to the Bitrix24.Drive files.
  • You can install any applications from the Market. However, you'll lose access to these applications when the free trial is over. (From January 1, 2021)
  • Online documents are not available

Can I use a free trial if I have a commercial plan?

Yes, you can use a free trial on a commercial plan.

  • If you have a commercial plan and activate a free trial, your plan will not be suspended for free trial period. It means that you will be spending days of two plans at the same time.
  • If you are using a free trial and decide to buy a commercial plan, you should know that all remaining days on the free trial will be burned off.
  • All free trial limits will come into effect at your commercial plan.
  • If the active commercial subscription works together with the free trial, then after the automatic charge for the commercial subscription the free trial will be cancelled.

What happens when my trial expires?

After the trial is over your account will be automatically downgraded to Free plan. All data will be kept (for any advanced tool you used during the trial), however, the access to it may be limited. The access to that data will automatically be restored when you upgrade to an appropriate Bitrix24 plan.

When the free trial period is over, your Bitrix24 account will have only one administrator again (the last logged in administrator).

How can I understand how many days left until the end of the free trial?

Click Subscription > Activate Trial to see how many days left until the end of the trial.

My free trial expired, but I didn't have enough time to try all the tools. Can I extend the free trial period?

Unfortunately, we don't extend the free trial period. If you want to, you can create a new Bitrix24 account and activate the free trial there. Or you can invite a Bitrix24 Partner to your account. Btrix24 Partners can activate the free 30-day trial, and you'll have any plan you want for 30 days.

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