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Plan compatibility check

When your plan expires, you have 15 days to renew your plan or choose more compatible one. If you decide to change your plan, the Plan Compatibility Check will show you the variant depending on the tools you need.

If the scanner detects tools that are incompatible with your current plan, a special notification will be displayed to all your Bitrix24 employees. Click Got it or run the Plan Compatibility Check to continue working.

How to use Plan Compatibility Check

In My plan tab, you can find a Plan Compatibility Check button.

Press the Start button to activate it.

After analyzing your Bitrix24 account, a detailed page comparing the options of your current plan with other plans will open. There are the following blocks of actions in the table:

  1. Must be disabled or deleted manually
  2. Will be disabled automatically

Must be disabled or deleted manually

This section displays the options that your Bitrix24 administrator needs to change. They cannot be done automatically, because they affect the work of the company. 

If you click on the red button, the prompt will appear. In the opened window, you can find a brief description of the problem and ways to solve it.

Functions that require Bitrix24 owner's attention

  • Own domain. This option is available only for Professional plan users. If you are going to lower plan, you need to disable your own domain option and switch to a regular domain in the *.bitrix24.* zone. The administrator should make a request to Bitrix24 Support.

  • Number of employees. Check the number of employees in your company. You may need either to dismiss users or switch to a plan with the required number of employees.

  • Administrators. If you have more administrators than your plan allows, you need to revoke admin permissions or switch to another plan.

  • Drive space. You need to clean up Bitrix24 Drive or choose a plan with bigger space.

  • Deal funnels. If you have an excess number of deal funnels, you need either to delete them, or switch to a plan with a desirable number of funnels.

  • Sites. If you have more published sites than your plan allows, you need to unpublish and delete sites or switch to another plan.

  • Manage branches. The Bitrix24 branch network is only available on the Enterprise plan. You need to disconnect all branches from the main Bitrix24 account or switch to the Enterprise plan.

  • High performance Enterprise cluster. When you activate the Enterprise plan, your Bitrix24 will be transferred to a special dedicated infrastructure on demand. To change the plan, you need to contact Bitrix24 Support beforehand to transfer your Bitrix24 to a regular server.

Will be disabled automatically

This section shows the options that will be disabled automatically depending on the plan.

  • Invoices
  • Quotes
  • Leads
  • Documents
  • Stage attributes
  • Field visibility
  • Stage attributes
  • Field visibility
  • CRM automation rules and triggers
  • Workflows
  • Telephony
  • Sales intelligence
  • Email
  • Lists
  • CRM access permissions
  • Project access permissions
  • Company's shared Drive
Plan Compatibility Check does not delete any of your data. You can downgrade to a plan that does not have some of the options listed above. In this case, the incompatible options will be disabled automatically. When you switch to the appropriate plan, these options will be available again.

What happens if I do not disable options that are incompatible with my plan?

If you do not disable options incompatible with your plan within 15 days, the use of Bitrix24 will be suspended. You will not be able to work in Bitrix24 until you make changes according to your plan or switch to another plan.

When logging into Bitrix24, all users will see a notification. You can switch to the appropriate plan or contact Bitrix24 support using a widget.

If I enable the demo mode, what happens when it ends?

  • Free plan + demo:

    If there are options that require Bitrix24 owner's actions, you will need to change them within 15 days after the end of the demo mode, otherwise Bitrix24 will be suspended until you switch to another plan.

  • Сommercial plan + demo:

    Сommercial plan days are going while the demo mode is in effect.

    If a commercial plan ends before the demo period, Bitrix24 will switch to the Free plan. Plan Compatibility Check will notify you about changes. If there are any paid options left and no suitable plan for them has been selected, Bitrix24 will be suspended immediately after the demo mode ends.

    If the demo mode ends before a commercial plan, a period of 15 days will be activated after the end of the commercial plan. After the 15 days period, the account will be switched to a Free plan. If there are incompatible options, Bitrix24 will be suspended until an appropriate plan is selected.

Do the options that will be automatically disabled affect the suspension of my Bitrix24?

Your Bitrix24 suspension is only affected by the options you disable manually.

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