What happens to my Bitrix24 if I stop using it

Paid plans that haven't prolonged the subscription devolve to the Free plan.

We automatically delete free inactive Bitrix24 accounts in case none of its users have logged in for more than 40–50 days. This does not affect Bitrix24 paid plans subscribers.

Here is how this happens for free accounts:

  • We are sending you a warning email that your account may be deleted due to inactivity.

  • After about 40 days of inactivity, your Bitrix24 account is deactivated, and you can’t access it anymore.

  • You will get an email saying that your Bitrix24 account is no longer available.

  • After about 2 more days, we will delete your Bitrix24 account completely, which means you still have a chance to bring your Bitrix24 back online - to do that, you need to contact our support team immediately.

If your Bitrix24 account is deleted, all data associated with your Bitrix24 will be completely removed from our servers.

The free plan Bitrix24 accounts deactivation does not delete your Bitrix24 Network Profile.

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