Automatic Renewal

To provide uninterrupted services for your cloud account, you can take advantage of the automatic subscription renewal option. Your credit or debit card or PayPal account will be charged at the end of each billing cycle (e.g. every 1 or 12 months) and – upon a successful transaction – your commercial subscription will be renewed for the same period.

How to enable the Automatic renewal option

The automatic subscription renewal option is enabled by default with the initial purchase of a commercial subscription for 1 or 12 months. Your Bitrix24 subscription will be automatically renewed at the end of each subscription term.

If you purchased your commercial subscription with a discount, the discount may be applicable for the first billing cycle only, and your subsequent subscription renewals will be charged at full price.

Automatic subscription renewal is not applicable if you have purchased a commercial subscription from a Bitrix Partner in your region.

How to cancel the Automatic renewal option

You can cancel the automatic subscription renewal option inside your Bitrix24 Cloud account, here: Subscription > Purchase History - click Cancel Subscription.

Learn more about the subscription cancellation process.

What to do if the automatic renewal didn't work

Such a situation may occur due to different reasons:

  • the subscription due date hasn't come yet;

  • payment method associated with your subscription has become invalid for some reason;

  • there are insufficient funds at the account of your payment method or its credit limit has been reached;

  • there is a disruption in the operation of your bank or payment system;

  • your automatic subscription renewal has been cancelled.

If the automatic renewal didn't work in your Bitrix24 account, we recommend to check the status of your automatic subscription renewal here: Subscription > Purchase History:

  • If the subscription status is Active, it means that the due date hasn't come yet, no actions are required at the moment.

  • If the subscription status is Past Due, click the Retry Now button, this will notify our Sales team to attempt a manual recharge of your subscription. You will be notified about a result and further recommended actions, if needed, via email.

  • If the subscription status is Cancelled, most likely it means that the system has already made several unsuccessful subscription recharge attempts, at this point, you can make a new subscription purchase here: Subscription > Upgrade.

If you still have questions, please contact our Sales team in the support chat or at for assistance.
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