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Subscription section

In the Subscription section, you can find all the information about your current plan. It includes your purchase history, a plan comparison table, and much more.

To access this section, click Subscription in the left menu.

It consists of several tabs:

Learn more about them below.

My Bitrix24 Plan

This section displays your current Bitrix24 plan, the date when it expires, and cloud storage details. Also, find the information about the maximum number of users available and their total number. Check your telephony balance and the number of emails you can send this month.


Here you can view all the available plans, compare their features, and buy a new subscription.
Cloud subscription upgrades and downgrades

Customization request

Complete the form and submit an implementation or customization request to Bitrix24 Partners. They can help you configure Bitrix24 tools correctly and offer the best options for your company.
Request assistance from Bitrix24 Partner

Activate Trial

In this section, you can activate the free 15-day trial to get access to all Bitrix24 Professional plan features.
Free 15-day trial

If you activate the free trial on a commercial plan, it will add new features and work simultaneously with your plan. The trial will not stop or extend your current plan.


If you have an active commercial plan subscription, you can submit your inquiry to Bitrix24 Support.
How to activate Bitrix24 Support

Also, here you can activate partner support.
How to activate Partner Support

You can have only one type of support connected: either support from Bitrix24 or from a partner. When you connect technical support from a partner, Bitrix24 support is automatically suspended.

Purchase History

This section contains the information about all your purchases.

By default, this page is available only to account administrators. Other users will have access to it if the All users can buy Bitrix24 subscription option is enabled in the account settings.

Billing Info

Go to this section if you want to update your billing info.
Update Billing Info

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