How to activate Bitrix24 Support

Commercial plans subscribers can contact Bitrix24 Support at any time to get professional assistance.

To contact Bitrix24 Support, go to the Subscription > Support section and click Send message:

The Bitrix24 Support chat will be opened:

Use the ITR menu to define the category of your question.

Important: the official Bitrix24 Support chat has a blue icon with a "24" sign on it. This will help you to see the difference between the official Bitrix24 Support chat and other chats.

If you use Bitrix24 On-Premise and have an active license key, you can activate the Bitrix24 Support chat in the control panel.

Also, you can contact Bitrix24 Support by clicking the question icon at the top right corner > Ask question.

Our support team will help you to get started with Bitrix24 and find a solution if you have a problem with Bitrix24. Here's a list of situations when Bitrix24 Support team can help you:

  • You need somebody to explain to you how Bitrix24 features work or you need a consultation on Bitrix24 documentation.
  • Something doesn't work the way you've expected, or it used to work, but now it doesn't.
  • You get an error message when using Bitrix24. Failures and recovery. You can get help with finding a reason for failure and fixing it.
  • You have questions about licensing and payments for Bitrix24 plans.

Unfortunately, there are situations when Bitrix24 Support team cannot help you:

  • You need somebody to implement or customize your Bitrix24.
  • You need to configure workflows or automation rules.
  • You want somebody to modify your Bitrix24 the way you need it.
  • App development.
  • Assistance with third-companies apps that use Bitrix24 API.
  • Training of your employees.
You can contact Bitrix24 Partners if you need Bitrix24 implementation, customization, etc. You can request assistance from Bitrix24 Partners on the Bitrix24 Partners page.

How to switch back to Bitrix24 Support

If you've activated the partner support for your Bitrix24 Account, Bitrix24 Support is not available.

You can switch back to Bitrix24 Support by clicking Subscription > Support.

The administrator needs to click the Disable support from Bitrix24 partner button.

  • Only Bitrix24 Administrator and Bitrix24 Partner invited to your account can contact Bitrix24 Support.
  • If you've activated the Partner support, Bitrix24 Support will be unavailable.
  • You can switch back to the Partner support by activating the special key. Read more in the article - How to activate the partner support.
  • Bitrix24 Support is not available to Free plan users, but you can contact Bitrix24 Partners.
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