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FAQ: Bitrix24 Support

In this article, we have collected answers to the most frequently asked questions about contacting Bitrix24 Support.

Bitrix24 Support is available only on the commercial plans. Only account administrators can contact support. Learn more on the on the pricing page.

If there are problems and bugs

In such cases, you need to contact the support chat from your Bitrix24 account.

Click the question mark in the upper right corner. Scroll down the page and click the Ask question button.

Our specialists only work through our online chat system and try to resolve your questions as quickly as possible. We recommend the following steps to solve you problems quickly:

  • Formulate your question clearly.

  • If you have several questions, it is better to solve them individually - that way the speed of the answer increases.

  • If you attach screenshots, videos, or gifs describing the problem to your request, this will help the support specialist understand the problem better.

  • Do not use harsh language and obscene phrases. Such chat will be closed immediately and you will be temporarily banned from support.
After chatting with a specialist, don't forget to rate him or her. Feedback is important to us.
You can find all the information about Bitrix24 tools in the articles on the Bitrix24 Care page.

Can the Bitrix24 support consultants log in to my account?

The Customer support staff cannot log in to your account. Also, they don't connect to you via Team Viewer, and they don't call you by Skype and phone. They don't know your usernames and passwords, and even if you decide to tell them, they won't log in to your account.

If you have been transferred to the Technical support, they will already need access to the account. Without this, Bitrix24 technical support specialist will not be able to resolve your problem.

Is it possible to immediately contact technical support specialist?

All requests first go to the customer support specialists. If your problem should be solved by a technical specialist, the chat will be transferred to a technical support.

Even if you have already been helped by a particular technical support specialist, first you need to describe the situation in the customer support chat.

Please, attach screenshots or a video to your message. It will help the support specialist understand the problem better.

Can the support specialists configure my account?

Support specialists do not configure or customize accounts to your needs, design workflows or develop applications. Also, they can't tell you how to add a tool to your Bitrix24 using REST.

Our official partners will help you with such kind of questions and configure Bitrix24. These are certified companies that are engaged in the implementation and modification to the specific needs of users. If you want to order the implementation, select a suitable partner from the list.

How to describe the problem on the workflow?

Bitrix24 specialists will be able to consult you on the workflow. Our official partners will help you in creating and debugging workflows.

Try to describe exactly what is not working as precisely as possible. Support specialists do not have the ability to test and debug a large workflow. They can only advise on problems in specific actions.

крест.png My workflow is not working. Figure it out.

галочка.png During a workflow, employee votes are not correctly counted. Please tell me what the problem is. Here is the screenshot of the action settings.

галочка.png I created a workflow. It has one action, but it doesn't work correctly. Please tell me how to fix it.

Who can help if there is an error in the Bitrix24.Market application?

In Bitrix24.Market, there are a large number of applications that you can use to extend your Bitrix24 functionality.

The apps are developed by the third-party specialists, so if you have errors, you should contact them directly. Their contacts are available on the application page or in the Support tab.

Read more information in the article: Support for Bitrix24.Market apps.

Why didn't the consultants create a request for developers?

Customer support specialists do not create requests for improvement on every issue. All modifications of new tools are first discussed by the developers and the product managers. We discuss any requests and record all wishes, but requests are created only after internal discussion.

How do I know that the error I found has been fixed?

If you have found any error and a specialist has fixed it, you will receive a notification with the number of your request. As soon as there are any changes on your request, we will send you a notification in the same chat.

When you leave a request for revision, we can't give you a specific deadline: it depends on both the complexity of the tool and the queue in the development itself. Every day we receive dozens of suggestions. We take into account and analyze all of our customers' requests, but the most frequently mentioned suggestions get into development first.

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