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Upgrades and Downgrades

You can upgrade or downgrade from any subscription plan to any subscription plan at any time inside your Bitrix24 account, here: Subscription > Upgrade > Select the new subscription plan.

Please note that the subscription billing cycle has to be the same. You won't lose any data if downgrading but some of these data may be not accessible. Read more in the article - What happens to data in Bitrix24 if you stop paying.

When upgrading or downgrading, the amount already paid will be credited towards the new subscription plan purchase and the new subscription cost will be prorated. However, some subscription plans that have been paid for by wire or purchased through a Bitrix reseller may not be prorated (instead, we’ll offer additional days or months of the new subscription plan for the remaining funds). You can contact Bitrix Sales Department - or your original Bitrix Partner (Bitrix Reseller) to have your current subscription plan changed according to your needs.

If you wish to downgrade your commercial subscription to the Free plan, you’ll need to cancel your commercial subscription by disabling the automatic subscription renewal option first. Learn how to cancel your commercial subscription in the article - Subscription Cancellation.

Please note that the upgrade process may be different depending on the selected domain zone or the selected payment method. You can contact a Bitrix Sales Department - for more information.
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