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Free 15-day trial

Activate your free 15-day trial mode and try all the features of the Professional plan. Using the trial, you can configure workflows and automation rules, track working time, and get access to many other options for 15 days.

After the trial mode is over, your Bitrix24 account will return to the previous plan. All data will be saved, but access to it will be limited if this tool is not available on your current plan. When you switch to a suitable plan, access to this data will return.

Any user can activate the 15-day trial. Use the My plan widget at the top of the page to do this. If you use the Free plan, click Upgrade. Then click Activate in the Trial mode block.

Note that 15 days are counted continuously after you activate the trial. To illustrate, suppose you use the trial mode for 10 days and then deactivate it or buy a commercial plan. After that, the remaining 5 days of the trial are canceled, and you cannot use them anymore.

To deactivate the trial mode, go to Subscription > Activate Trial > Deactivate.

Only commercial plan subscribers can access Bitrix24 Support. It is not provided to the Free plan users with an active trial mode.

There are several limitations of the 15-day free trial:

  • Marketing: Email campaigns are not available.

  • Webmail: Each user can connect up to 10 mailboxes, but grant other users access to only three of them.

  • Sites and stores: Custom HTML and JS are not available. You can publish only one site and one online store. Not more than 100 products can be added to the product catalog.

  • CRM: The number of CRM entities for analytics is limited to 1,000 items.

  • Bitrix24 Drive: You cannot use public links to files and folders.

  • Bitrix24 Market: You can install up to 10 applications from the Market. When the trial period ends, you will need to remove them.

  • Other: You can rename the account address only once, but you cannot switch to your own domain. You cannot remove "Powered by Bitrix24" on all items, such as CRM forms, live chat, etc.


How can I understand how many days are left until the end of the free trial?

Click Trial mode at the top of the page. The widget will show how many days are left until the end of the trial. Also, you can find this information at the bottom of the left menu.

How many times can I activate the trial mode?

You can use the free 15-day trial only once. If you need to try any other plan, contact a Bitrix24 Partner. They can activate the free 30-day trial of any plan you want.
Invite Bitrix24 Partner

Can I use the free trial if I have a commercial plan?

You can use the free trial on a commercial plan, but there are some points to consider:

  • Your commercial plan subscription is not suspended for the free trial period. You will be spending days of two plans at the same time.

  • If you are using the free trial and decide to buy a commercial plan, all remaining days of the free trial will be burned off.

  • All free trial limits will come into effect with your commercial plan.

  • The free trial will be canceled after the automatic subscription renewal.

How can I test Bitrix24 Telephony in trial mode?

Bitrix24 Telephony is available on any commercial plan. The Free plan users can test number rent, PBX connection via SIP connector, and Market apps during the trial period.
Telephony connection options overview

When the trial is over, you will not be able to make or receive calls, even if you have money left on your balance. All rented numbers will remain with you. When you upgrade to a commercial plan, you can continue to use telephony. You will keep your telephony balance. If you've rented a number, you will be charged a monthly rent.

What happens when my trial ends?

Some tools that exceed your current plan limits are automatically deactivated after the trial is over. All data will be kept, and access to it will be restored when you upgrade to an appropriate Bitrix24 plan.

However, some tools can be disabled only manually by the account owner. After your trial ends, you'll have 15 days to disable them. Use the Plan compatibility check option to detect such tools.
Plan compatibility check

If you do not disable options incompatible with your plan within 15 days, the use of Bitrix24 will be suspended.

How to manage my cloud storage after my trial ends?

If you've added more than 5 GB during the trial period, the data will remain for viewing after returning to the Free plan. You will not be able to add new files or records, such as messages to Feed, tasks, and others.

To remove the limitation, upgrade to a suitable commercial plan or delete unnecessary files from the Drive to free up space.

What happens to my automation rules and triggers after my trial ends?

Configured automation rules and triggers will remain, but become non-functional on the Free plan. Upgrade to a commercial plan to use them again with the same settings.

What happens to the installed Market apps after my trial ends?

Market apps are available on any commercial plan.

During the trial period of the Free plan, you can install up to 10 applications from the Market. When the trial period is over, you will need to remove them. Otherwise, your Bitrix24 will be blocked by the Plan compatibility check.
Plan compatibility check

My free trial expired, but I didn't have enough time to try all the tools. Can I extend the free trial period?

Unfortunately, we cannot extend the free trial period. If you wish, you can create a new Bitrix24 account and activate the free trial there. Or you can invite a Bitrix24 partner to your account. Btrix24 Partners can activate the free 30-day trial, and you'll have any plan you want for 30 days.
Invite Bitrix24 Partner

I have a commercial plan, but for some reason, the trial mode has been activated. How can I revert the changes?

Any user can activate the 15-day trial. If you enable the trial mode while using the commercial plan, they will work simultaneously.

To deactivate it, go to Subscription > Activate Trial > Deactivate.

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