Disconnect the rented number

If you don't need the rented number anymore, you can disconnect it at any time.

Just go to CRM > Add-ons > Telephony > Connection > Configure numbers > select the rented number you want to disconnect.

In the Disconnect number section, click the red Disconnect number button.

Please pay attention to the message above the red button. No refund for the unused rental period of this number will be provided.

Click the OK button to confirm the action.

You'll get an email saying that this number will be disconnected in 24 hours and that the disconnected number can be connected again after 3 months period only.

As any provider has a limited amount of phone numbers, all the numbers sooner or later get rented again. At the end of the rental period, the number is added to a special list for 3 months so that the previous owner of the number could inform his clients about his new number, remove the old number from advertisements, etc.

If a new owner has any problems with the number (for example, gets calls from the clients of the previous owner of the number), the easiest way to solve it is to disconnect this number and rent a new one or to send a request to our Support team to change this number to a new one (This procedure doesn't affect the rental period that you've already paid for. Be ready to provide call logs and call records).

If you have disconnected the number by mistake, you can connect it back within 24 hours (the link will be provided in the email).

The disconnected number can be connected again after 3 months period only.
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